First of all, beware of scammers who use digital printers and Photoshop software to print "paintings' on canvas.  If they're offering you oil painted portraits for $89. or such, you're purchasing a photo press picture.

Commissioned Portraits

Commissioning a portrait painting is a significant undertaking. A portrait will last for generations, years after other décor has long since faded or been discarded. Regardless of the degree of complexity of the painting you commission, I always strive to create an heirloom quality masterpiece.

Since a portrait painting is a collaborative effort between patron and artist, the first step is to establish a dialogue and determine the scope of the painting you desire. I will do my very best to accommodate both your vision and your budget.

Portrait fees range from $1200. to $3500.  If you’ve investigated portrait commissions, you will see that I am on the low spectrum of pricing.  Shipping fees are additional.  The cost of a portrait painting is based on the following criteria: the number of people or pets in the painting; how much of each subject is depicted; the size of the actual painting; the intricacy of clothing, jewelry and props; and the complexity of the background setting.

My influences range from Courbet, Degas, and Whistler to Modernists such as Picasso and Warhol.

Each portrait  begins with alla prima primers that are covered with layer upon layer of semi-transparent glazes to achieve a rich, deep surface.  Each glaze needs to dry for four or five days before the next one is applied.  A portrait takes approximately 30 to 40 hours to complete over a period of a month.