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Timothy Green is an American artist born in 1953. He works primarily in oil painting within a wide scope of styles, both figurative and abstract. His paintings consist of layer upon layer of semi-transparent glazes to achieve the richest quality of colors, rendering psychological, symbolic imagery combining old master techniques with contemporary design.


Timothy received his BA in Art and Design at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, and an MFA in Visual Art from the University of North Dakota. He has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and his art is owned by prominent collectors worldwide.

                                                             The What and Why-For in Art

Gustav Klimt, the Austrian symbolist painter is quoted to have said: “Art is a line around your thoughts.” That pretty much sums it up. Our thoughts are a by-product of our experiences, interwoven with our aspirations, our feelings and our actions.

Spanning almost a half-century of painting, my art reflects an eclectic range of styles and images, from abstract expressionism to surrealism. My influences range from Gustave Courbet to Max Beckmann, Franz Kline, Antoni Tàpies and Richard Diebenkorn.

Through my paintings I am writing my own language – a language open to interpretation. It is my hope to draw the viewer into the archetypes located in each of our souls.  I seek to connect with the pathos, mystery, or whimsy that makes us each enigmatic to one another, yet familiar.